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Month: November 2020

OK Boomer! Understanding the Generation Gap in the Tech World.

I waited for my first public conference presentation until the year all of these had to shut down. Great timing… But Roar Media organized their Digital Transformation Conference virtually and invited me to talk about the generation gap in the tech world.

Abstract: Those who once identified with the rebellion around Rock’n’Roll or Punk Rock, are suddenly perceived as the establishment by Millennials and Digital Natives. The bad news is: No, it’s not just your peers, it’s also you. The good news is: This is not a new thing and there are ways to handle it. 

Watch the full presentation on YouTube.

The whole part with me lasts for about 45 minutes, including the Q&A after the presentation. Watch it here on YouTube.

Let me know your thoughts about it. Where do you disagree? How did you face the generation gap in your professional career?