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About me

karstenAfter growing up in the Ruhr District in Germany, I graduated in Computer Science and Multi Media. My professional career then started as an IT Consultant at Valtech in Düsseldorf for three years. Among other things I worked as a Test Manager there. This was also where I first got in touch with Wikis and began investigating on them.

Following my interest in Knowledge Management, I was enrolled as a PhD Student at Aalborg University in Denmark, as part of the KiWi Project. After successfully defending my PhD in November 2012, I went back to Düsseldorf and started my second assignment as an IT Consultant at Valtech. Now trying to manage the internal communications as well as those to the customers.

My main interest is in topics related to Knowledge Management and Communication and I am a strong believer in the agile methodology. Through my work and studies I come across a bunch of very interesting thoughts and findings, which I want to share on these pages. I am always interested in new contacts and exchanging ideas.

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Karsten Jahn, Ph.D.