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Stay Tuned

ReleaseMarch 1st, 2024
GenreLoFi, Neo Soul

My take on the intro melodies of my alltime favourite TV shows: Friends, The Fall Guy, I Dream Of Jeannie, The A-Team, He-Man, Captain Future, Nick Knatterton.

Ballad Of The Unknown Stuntman (The Fall Guy Theme)

ReleaseFebruary 2nd, 2024
GenreLoFi, TV Tune Cover

Mostly Harmless

ReleaseNovember 24th, 2023
GenreLoFi, Neo Soul

Walking in Toba

ReleaseNovember 10th, 2023

Escape to the serene woodlands of Toba, Japan, with this melodic lo-fi hip hop track featuring real bird songs, offering a tranquil musical journey.

Jingle Jangle
(The Christmas Beat)

ReleaseDecember 2nd, 2022

Reminiscing of the Beatles’ Wonderful Christmas Time and virtually all the holiday songs and feelings you hold dear. A violin, a choir and of course a squeaky recorder (live-recorded).
May your days be merry!

Strange New Worlds

ReleaseOctober 14th, 2022
GenreLoFi, Chill Hop

Dawn of the Neo Happy Surf Beat

ReleaseSeptember 16th, 2022

In the 1960s Surf Rock gave us Tracks like “Misirlou” (Dick Dale & the Backbeats), “Bustin’ Surfboards” (The Tornadoes) or the 1966 Batman Theme. I’m taking what made them great and mix some fresh beats with it. My nod to all those who influenced my guitar play.

Steigerlied Beat
(Glück auf)

ReleaseJuly 29th, 2022
ArrangementKarsten Jahn
William Mampuru

Background about this track: Steigerlied

more to come…

Introducing: Tune Father K

The rumbling rhythm of coal mines was always there. Boom! Steel on steel. Boom! Fires in the night. Boom! Dirty fingernails. Boom?

Just like the industrial area in Germany he comes from, Tune Father K (aka Karstenzio) is a melting pot of influences. In his sampling and synth gymnastics me blends Jazz, Soul and Blues roots with some oom-pah and a little techno.

The official inventor of Dad Beats from the sofa right to you. In the end it’s all about a smile.


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I’m just a white dude, who enjoys making beats. In awe with and full of appreciation for the work of all the amazing artists that I get to learn from (Dilla is god).

However, I’m fully aware that Hip Hop emerged from Afro-American sub-cultures. People used this art form for a lot of things, among others to express their struggles. My background is completely different. And while it doesn’t mean that I should not enjoy their music, it feels a little odd to me, engaging in it myself.

Making those beats is a hobby for me. An act of pure admiration, a nod to my heroes. I am not facing the same injustice as they did and still do. And I certainly do not want to benefit from that. Half of all earnings with my music (if any) are donated to the ISD (Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland), an organization to support people of color here in Germany. Black lives matter.

LoFi HipHop Beats Producer Tune Father K