The last few days (August 20 – 24, 2010) I spent participating the Scandinavian Conference of IS & IRIS Seminar in Rebild, a few kilometers outside Aalborg, Denmark. The time was divided into two parts, the first two days were the 1st Scandinavian Conference of IS (SCIS 2010), while the rest of the time was the 33rd IRIS Seminar (IRIS 2010). Even though many people participated both, the two parts were quite different in many aspects.

The 1st Scandinavian Conference of Information Systems had the focus on engaged scholarship and was held in single track. Keynote speeches (by Brian Fitzgerald and Jan Pries-Heje), a panel discussion and paper presentations. For each presentation there was an opponent, that prepared comments and a discussion. Papers.

The 33rd Seminar for Information Systems Research in Scandinavia (IRIS) was divided into workgroups. Each participant had a paper handed in which was then discussed in the groups, consisting of one (or more) senior and the authors of six papers. Each paper was then discussed by a main opponent followed by a group discussion. Additionally, there were the experiences of recent PhDs presented. These provided a great insight into the doctoral-studies from the other side of the big deadline.

Personally, I really appreciated the combination of a conference and a workshop like done here. As a junior researcher, that needs a lot of feedback, but also new input from different topics and views, I could obtain both, from the same community and in a short period of time. These four days were filled with interesting input, discussions and views. I got to know many interesting researchers from across Scandinavia and beyond, gained many new insights to and on the field of information systems and received a lot of feedback on my work.

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