Last week (September 1 – 3, 2010) I have been in Grenoble, France. That was the location for the 17th Conference of European Systems & Software Process Improvement and Innovation (EuroSPI² 2010). The organizers focus on embracing industry, with speakers and audience equally being researchers and practitioners (Keynotes by Ivar Jacobson, Andreas Riel and Cristina Romcea).

At this conference I presented a paper that I wrote together with my supervisor: Codified vs. Personalized – A Vertical Approach to the Dilemma of the Knowledge Management Strategies.
We introduce the principle and a prototype (based on KiWi) to make use of both knowledge management strategies in the same company, but each on different vertical organizational layers. While the top management level follows a codified knowledge management strategy is the development team able to apply a personalized approach [1].

It was my very first paper, so I was a bit nervous. This might also be the reason why I unintendedly extended the scheduled ten minutes for the presentation (see the slides below) slightly. The 32 people audience however seemed very interested and we had a nice discussion about the feasibility of a Wiki in a professional context afterwards.

The conference in general was a success for me. Not only gained I important experience of my first paper presentation for my PhD, but I also got to know many interesting people and had a number of fruitful discussions. Plus I had the opportunity to see the sun again.

[1] Karsten Jahn & Peter Axel Nielsen. »Codified vs. Personalized – A Vertical Approach to the Dilemma of the Knowledge Management Strategies«, 17th EuroSPI² Conference Industrial Proceedings, pages 3.11 – 3.20. Delta, 2010.


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