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MSc. in Business Psychology

During my travel-heavy consultant years, I picked up a remote study program. Business Psychology from which I graduated 2 years ago now, 7 years after my PhD.

After studying the foundations, like statistics and basic psychology, the classes became more specific and useful for my daily business. Social Psychology, Leadership, Change Management, Intercultural Psychology are examples for areas I dove deep into. Additionally, there were 3-day long seminars about professional conversations, coaching and mediation.

Gaining knowledge about all these fields helped me a great deal in becoming the coach I am today. And that is reflected in my Master Thesis. I investigate different ways to support people in becoming more resilient and take a look at how agile coaches do this in their work. In 3 case studies different coaches describe how they helped the coachee to bounce back from adversity.

My studies show that resilience is not a clear of a concept as many people might think it is. In fact, it is pretty vague. And due to different assumptions and perspectives, different scholars come to different conclusions. Therefore, there are no clear definitions and without definitions it’s difficult to create measuring methods. The assessment of a person’s resilience is not an easy task.

My studies also show, that agile coaches do not spend much time assessing the resilience of a person. However, they have a good understanding for the situation and take appropriate measures. Goal-oriented, with a focus on the people.

If you’re interested in reading the thesis, please let me know. It’s German though.

Knowledge Management Strategies

Large parts of my PhD thesis are based on a theory by Morten T. Hansen, Nitin Nohria, and Thomas Tierney [1]. In their article the authors analyze different consulting companies and define two basic strategies for knowledge management: The codification and the personalization. An organization has to follow one of those, the one that fits to the competitive strategy best.

Note: Most of the text from this post is directly taken from my PhD thesis. That is also the reason why this text is so long and detailed…
Sorry for that. 🙂

Knowledge Management in Software Development

Last Thursday, I successfully defended my PhD thesis [1]. My PhD studies were supervised by Peter Axel Nielsen and took part in the Research Centre for Socio-Interactive Design of the Computer Science Department of Aalborg University. The committee members that assessed my thesis were Keld Bødker, John Krogstie and Jan Stage. The defence itself consisted of a presentation of my research for 45 minutes, followed by almost two hours of examination.