The Wiki Way

Ward Cunningham was searching for a new way of collaboration while he was cooperating on the Design Patters book by the Gang of Four. He came up with a very simple web application for collaboration. Legend has it that Cunningham attended a conference in Honolulu while he was working on his system. And when the shuttle bus at the airport arrived, he had a name for it. The bus transfer is called “wiki wiki”, after the Hawaiian word for very quick.
That’s how he called his system: The wiki wiki web.


Knowledge… what is that?

You can’t really be involved with knowledge management without asking: What is knowledge? Well, knowledge is probably one of the oldest concepts of mankind. Ancient philosophers already tried to define it and built a whole theory (epistemology) around. I would like to point out a very nice description by Davenport & Pruzak in their book “Working Knowledge” [1]. This blog post however is my own explanation of knowledge.


Lass laufen!

Wie schon 2008 und 2009 mache ich heute wieder beim Blog Action Day mit. Diesmal geht’s ums Thema Wasser. Ich habe ein bisschen übers Wasser gegrübelt. Und eigentlich sehe ich keine wirkliche Verbindung zum Wasser in meinem Leben. Gut, ich lebe seit ungefähr 8½ Jahren ausschließlich in Städten die ein Read more…

SCIS & IRIS 2010

The last few days (August 20 – 24, 2010) I spent participating the Scandinavian Conference of IS & IRIS Seminar in Rebild, a few kilometers outside Aalborg, Denmark. The time was divided into two parts, the first two days were the 1st Scandinavian Conference of IS (SCIS 2010), while the rest of the time was the 33rd IRIS Seminar (IRIS 2010). Even though many people participated both, the two parts were quite different in many aspects.